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Welcome To The Shop Of Biosecurity 

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Steri-7 Xtra Disinfectant

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Steri-7 Xtra Personal Care

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Steri-7 Xtra Aquaculture

What Our Customers Think

‘We started using STERI-7 XTRA a little while back and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. STERI-7 XTRA has been a revelation.’


Alban Hoxia, Owner, Luna Nuova restaurant, Chelsea, London.

At Lewis & Graves we maintain that a continuous quality service can only be achieved and continued successfully by investing in quality materials and equipment like those offered by the STERI-7 team. It’s a great partnership’.


Mark Graves, Founding Partner, Lewis & Graves Limited.

'I use STERI-7 XTRA Agri at least once a day and I reckon that over a year I save something like £25,000 straight on my budget. I’m happy. Very happy'

P.D. Crew Hill Holsteins, Shropshire/Powys Border

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